Eric is the founder and principal of POPG Construction. After graduating with a Master of Architecture and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University, Eric began his career in real estate development in Houston. He moved with his family to Tyler, TX, in 2011.

POPG Construction believes there is a demand for high quality construction in and around Tyler. The transition from old building principles to new technology is changing the way we build, and while we embrace tried and true methods, we are always looking to set the bar higher. With that, we have found that in every case, it is as much about the climb as it is about the destination. Our customers rely on us to deliver the best product, so our process seeks to promote open communication throughout with clear objectives, as we both seek to accomplish the same goal. As we have learned, the best way to grow our business is to do our best to impress our existing customers and the rest tends to take care of itself.